Founded in 1976, CG is one of the leading suppliers of fresh vegetables in the Coastal Region of India (Andhra Pradesh and Telengana). In due progression, we have expanded our business line into multiple classifications including exports. With far-reaching aspirations that our team has cultivated, we are now started exporting globally.

Comprehensive Product and Service solutions form the core of our business – from product and service procurement right through to delivery.

Divyasimha Exims is located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are catering to multiple operational facilities located throughout the country that enables us to reach our domestic and external clients with ease. In addition to that, we are also actively participating overseas U.A.E – Dubai aimed at reaching international markets as well as maintaining our long-held partnerships with valued suppliers and associates.


Our efforts are promoted by our commitment towards excellence. Our main priority is serving our global customers with the service they expect. Our customers expect high standards and we strive to persistently satisfy their demands with the highest standard of client service. We aim to serve our customers efficiently, competently and knowledgeably. The quality of our export products and services has attained us the trust as well as loyalty of the most discerning clients.


With the persistent efforts of our experienced as well as efficient professionals and adhering to the principles of ‘Honesty, innovation, team-work and excellence’, today ‘CG’ have established a good reputation in cooperation with world renowned companies and can handle the varied specifications of each of our clients.

Our very diverse and expert team of traders is adept with brining in different types of products from all around the world at the best price and quality suitable for our clients. Here in CG, we have a vivid understanding of our clients’ needs and wants based on geographic and demographic factors.

Having a vast number of clients to serve, we heavily emphasize on the importance of Logistics from the producers’ grounds up until your doorsteps. With long-held relationships with global suppliers and partners, we guarantee uncompromised quality at a fair price.

As we continue to grow, we strive to reinforce a culture of change to adapt to changing consumer preferences and continuously serving their needs as well as tapping into potential markets.